Reaching as I sink down into light

Anonymous said:
From next month's Nylon mag (mr-raccoon. tumblr. com/post/45509710420)

Thank you so much! :)

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Anonymous said:
you are from which country?

I live in the United States of Amurrrica. :)

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Anonymous said:
Ohh your sidebar ;-; beautiful blog ((:

Awww! Thank you for the kind comment! :)

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Since Tumblr won’t let me publish my response… 

Anonymous said: your tumblr is about THG and Paramore? gosh i’m dead,you’re perfect”

My response: Oh wow! Thank you! I wouldn’t say ‘perfect’, but thanks for the compliment! :D And I know how you feel! Whenever I stumble upon a blog that is dedicated to both The Hunger Games and Paramore, I practically fangirl like there is no tomorrow.

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sdfcgvhbnjkm-deactivated2013030 said:
You're the only person I seem to be able to find on the paramore tag who's listening to radio 1, strangely. Do you know if they've played now yet? Im refusing to listen to it until it's been played on the radio

There’s a couple fans who are listening, but it’s all very confusing right now.

I’m not sure exactly when they are going on— there have been multiple reports. Some people said it should be in an hour or so. Another said in a few minutes. I suggest just checking back in now and then. I’ll tell you if they are about to go on. :)

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Anonymous said:
do you like cheese?

I do enjoy the flavor of cheese, yes.

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sydthesquid47 said:
hey, could you tell me what's on the cover for this week's entertainment weekly cuz my store has 2 different ones and I wanna make sure I get the right one

This week’s issue is a 2012 in-review (it’s a big one, so it’s a double issue). The only cover I’m aware of is this one. It just came out yesterday, so some stores might not have it in stock yet. The best of luck!

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panemfreedom said:
can you link me to the josh hutcherson interviews por favor?

Si! ;)

There are four of them there! :)

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omghungergames said:
do you have a link to the trailer?

The Catching Fire logo, I’m assuming? If so, I don’t have the actual logo. The person that posted the sheet that was going around yesterday (the one with the BD trailer list) said a description of the logo. Unfortunately, the person who owned that blog JUST deleted it.

FORTUNATELY, someone put it up on The Hob fan site. It’s in the comments on this page:

If you don’t want to spoil the reveal of the logo, don’t read it!!!


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Anonymous said:
where's the interview about jen running into woody's teeth? lol

Haha— it’s a great one! Make sure to read all two pages of it!

(sorry for not posting the link in the quote— tumblr wouldn’t let me. :P )

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